Welcome to The Hubbel Exploration – the professional portfolio and travel blog of Sydney Hubbel!

ireland and grad 459I am a full time University student in Northern California studying Writing Practices and History. I am a passionate painter, writer, and solo female traveler. I have a life-long fascination with children’s literature and am looking to pursue a career in the field I work part time for my university, act as the Assistant Managing Editor for the Toyon Literary Magazine, and post travel blogs. Upon graduation, I am planning to move abroad and continue my travel career.

Travel Experience

mapI have traveled to Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom. As of June 2017, I’ve journeyed 41,132 miles (66,196 km). I currently travel on a student budget and work to find the best ways possible to travel affordably. I spend much of my free time planning imaginary trips in order to learn expense trends. I also enjoy helping my friends plan trips.

My mission is to break down the stigma that you have to be wealthy to travel. I want to help show people that exploration is possible even on a limited budget. My second goal is to abolish the idea that women should not travel alone. Throughout this blog, I highlight ways women can feel secure while embarking on their solo journeys.