My Role as Assistant Managing Editor for the Toyon Literary Magazine

My primary duty as Assistant Managing Editor for the Toyon is to be a helping hand to the Managing Editor and to the staff. However, I would like to bring much more to the table than assistance. I have extensive experience in team management and have spent much of the last year researching group dynamics. I’d like to use this experience to streamline our publication. My mission throughout my time as Assistant Managing Editor (and in my role as Managing Editor next year) is to transform the Toyon staff and publication process into one cohesive, smooth-flowing unit while still promoting individuality.

I will use much of this year to observe and learn as much as I can about the ins and outs of our production, implementing small projects when necessary. For example, now that our staff has submitted their project plans, I’d like to create a comprehensive timeline that the entire staff can refer to for quick reference. My self set deadline for this calendar is the end of the week (9.16.16). I will then use my observations and conversations with staff at the end of this semester to build a cohesive plan to present to our faculty adviser for the following year.

Long term goals aside, this semester I will primarily be observing and assisting. Because we are a student-run magazine, we have a sixteen week production process. Today marks the first day of the fourth week. We have three weeks until submissions are due, so our time until then will be dedicated to promotion. I have laid out my own semester timeline below. A whole production timeline will likely appear at a later date.


  • Week Four: Create whole staff calendar and promotion
  • Week Five: Present calendar to staff, availability requests
  • Week Six: Submission deadline
  • Week Seven: Assist submission evaluation
  • Week Eight: Editorial statements and submission evaluation
  • Week Nine: observe copy editing and submission evaluations due
  • Week Ten: observe cover design
  • Week Eleven: first proof due; Research project check in
  • Week Twelve: observe printing and production
  • Week Thirteen: Reach out to staff to set up meetings
  • Week Fourteen: compile research
  • Week Fifteen: Meet with staff to receive feedback, presentation, and finalize proof
  • Week Sixteen: Five Year Plan

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