Preparing for the Professional World

I intend to pursue a career in the editorial world. Ultimately, I’d like to work with children’s literature in almost any capacity. Working for the Toyon this semester has taught me what to look for when reviewing submissions, basic ins and outs of design, and how to curate a professional blog. During the review process, I reviewed fiction and poetry submissions.  I found the process enjoyable and it’s something I’d be interested in doing full-time. In my role as Assistant Managing Editor, I didn’t have much to do with the pieces after the evaluation process. Next year, I intend to pursue an editor position so that I will be able to work more with the content of the magazine.

The blogging aspect of working for Toyon has given me the tools necessary to begin a travel blog, which I have made an aspect of this website. During Toyon’s off season, I will be continuing my travel blogging. In today’s age of the internet, travel blogging can be made into a full time career with enough work and marketing.  This potentially opens up doors for my future.

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