Warsaw Was My Wonderland [a short narrative]

There was something incredibly magical about Warsaw that entranced my being. This spot especially. This is a lookout point just outside the Market Square. From here, you can look over the village and into a beautiful birch grove. It felt both city and forest and emanated such a welcoming energy. It was difficult to leave behind.

Old Town was bustling when we arrived. There were groups of children scattered throughout, something we found interesting for a Tuesday morning. It, however, enhanced my experience in Warsaw. I found it beautiful to see students learning outside of the classroom and enjoying such a beautifully sunny day. Listening to their laughter as I explored filled my heart with joy.

We sat down for lunch at the Old Town Market Place. My beer was served with a straw, a concept that would make my father cringe. But as someone who has never really been a beer drinker, I liked it!I tried Russian dumplings with a cranberry and wild duck salad. The potato filled dumplings topped with caramelized onions still make my mouth water. Our waiter was so kind, something I hadn’t yet experienced in Europe. He even wrote a cute little note on our receipt as we left.

There was beauty around every corner. We walked by the Royal Castle, through the lawns, by a fountain, against the Vistula. We met a painter who told us stories of Old Town being rebuilt after the war, and of the only building that survived. We strolled through shops with hand painted music boxes and ate apricots in the Zoological Garden.

Warsaw was blues and reds and greens. There were golden gates to overflowing gardens, sunshine and gelato, smiles and peace and cobblestone streets. Warsaw was serene. Warsaw was my wonderland.




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