What does it really take to begin and operate a literary magazine?

As I began to wrap up my Bachelor of Arts program, much of my thoughts and energy began circling around personal reflection. I seemed to become enamored with reflecting on the past four years -- looking at who I was when I entered the university as a trembling teen too afraid to leave her dorm… Continue reading What does it really take to begin and operate a literary magazine?

Special Topics in Literary Magazines

This edition of Toyon has Environmental Justice as a special topic. However, not all of the pieces within the journal are related to Environmental Justice. Upon doing a little bit of research on how literary magazines approach special topics and themes, I learned that this is not the norm. I had trouble even finding one other journal… Continue reading Special Topics in Literary Magazines

Preparing for the Professional World

I intend to pursue a career in the editorial world. Ultimately, I’d like to work with children’s literature in almost any capacity. Working for the Toyon this semester has taught me what to look for when reviewing submissions, basic ins and outs of design, and how to curate a professional blog. During the review process,… Continue reading Preparing for the Professional World

Considerations During Production

Printing and production are a means of controlling the perception of a magazine. In the essay “The Letterpress in the Mimeo Revolution," Kyle Schlesinger provides examples of different forms of magazines and how they reflect the work within them. For example, he discusses the ‘Semina no. 1’ was produced using several different paper types, fonts,… Continue reading Considerations During Production

Submission Evaluations continued

The past two weeks have been the busiest of the semester. Submission evaluations have fallen on the two week midterm period as well as hiring season for the orientation office. For work, all of my time has been dedicated to conducting interviews, evaluations, and trainings. For school, I have been diligently preparing for midterms and working… Continue reading Submission Evaluations continued

Submission Evaluations and Additional Projects

This week marks the beginning of Submission Evaluations. I started my week off evaluating a literary criticism piece. Each staff member was given one to two sample pieces to evaluate this week. Our editors with BePress access will be meeting on Friday to assign submission evaluations to each staff member. Even though I will not have… Continue reading Submission Evaluations and Additional Projects